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UAE customer 400kW engine test stand, on-site installation completed
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UAE customer 400kW engine test stand, on-site installation completed!
The engine testing system can measure the power range of 40-400kW, braking torque of 220-2200N. m, and can be used for performance testing of various engines (gasoline, diesel, turbine, etc.); It can also be used as a controllable analog load for other power machines. Matched with digital measurement and control systems, it has excellent measurement and control performance.
Equipped with an engine tester and engine testing software independently developed by Lanmec Technology, it can achieve constant torque and constant rotational speed control, simultaneously measure various engine temperature, pressure, and other parameters, and automatically generate test curve reports.

Welcome to visit Lanmec's official website to learn more about our products at www.lanmec.com. The hotline is 400-111-3688!

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